Small Space Cladding Studio

The client was looking for a clever way to create a multifunctional room that could work as a garden gym, office or space for entertaining. They decided the unused garage would be the perfect location, but were concerned the unusual shape of the garden would make a garden room impossible. Luckily they found
Miniature Manors
who was able to craft a bespoke garden room which has been angled in order to follow the unusual shape at the end of the garden.

The Solution

The garden room was designed to make the most of the small space and act as a contemporary focal point of the garden. The design incorporates multiple angles that align with the garden's contours and high interior ceilings were added to create the illusion of greater space and openness.
Granite Hyperion Composite Cladding
was selected to give the garden room a sleek and modern look, installing the boards vertically further created the illusion of space helping to draw the eye upwards and elongating the visual dimensions of the area, helping to make the garden feel even larger.

Customer Feedback

The Client and Minitour Manors were both delighted with how the project came out. EnviroBuild Hyperion Composite Cladding was the perfect choice for this unique project and helped bring the bespoke design to the next level. The homeowner is looking forward to enjoying the new space without having to worry about constant upkeep of timber cladding.

Project Details

Project Size: 14m2
Designer & Installer:
Miniature Manors
Location: Sussex