Courtyard Cladding & Decking

The client was looking to add a contemporary feel to their newly created indoor-outdoor living space, where they wanted to use complimentary low maintenance cladding and decking products.
Using both the Stone coloured Hyperion Cladding and Granite coloured Hyperion Decking in the Pioneer range, they created a sleek contrast in their countryside home.

The Solution

Granite corner trims to complete the look. The client also added a central design feature with LED lighting to highlight the design day and night.
The matching range of Stone rain screen cladding was used for 35 m² of the project covering the walls of their house, a popular combination to use the Stone and Granite Pioneer range colours together. Similarly the cladding was secured onto a treated timber battens with a combination of fascia boards and corner trims to achieve a seamless finish.

Customer Feedback

The client has been exceedingly pleased with the finished look of both her decking and cladding. They were easy to install and have more than lived up to her expectation. They are planning to get plenty of use from the decking in the summer months and receive compliments on their cladding on a regular basis.

Project Details

Size: 65 m²
Substructure: Treated timber
Location: Hampshire