EnviroBuild Partnerships

Our EnviroBuild partnership program is designed to provide mutually beneficial opportunities for businesses to collaborate with us. By joining forces, we can work together to achieve common goals and drive growth. We offer a variety of partnership options including; corporate, charity, installer, influencer and content creator partnerships. Let's work together to create a lasting positive impact in our industry and beyond.
Become a Partner

Rainforest Trust UK

Rainforest Trust is our official charity partner and is one of the world’s most respected and successful conservation charities. Working in partnership with trusted local NGOs and indigenous communities to save the world’s most threatened rainforests and tropical ecosystems.
EnviroBuild donates 10% of all profits to Rainforest Trust UK each year to fund vital projects. We believe our partnership with Rainforest Trust UK is the most cost effective way to make a significant and lasting impact on the environment and fight climate change.

Business Partnerships

The path to a sustainable future is one that is walked with others who share our vision. We partner with companies seeking to affect positive change.

Trusted Installer Network

We partner with installers in our trusted installer network. Putting customers in touch with reliable installers and providing competitive trade pricing.

Influencers & Content Creators

The lifeblood of our business is the creative projects that our customers use our products for. Have a project you want to showcase to your audience? Get in touch.