Urban Garden Decking Sanctuary

Residential property in the heart of South West London going through renovation - the client wanted to create a modern, luxurious outside space. The location of the property required a high end product with a sleek finish that could contribute to modernising a relatively old building without taking away the character. The Hyperion White Ash Pioneer decking was the most suitable choice for this project.

The Solution

The project used 68 m² of White Ash decking, installed on a treated timber sub-frame, surrounded by green and white shrubs and aged walls; this brightened up and completely transformed the space. With the different tones and colour that the White Ash offers, the beige stone steps leading up to the decked area work well with the decking and the smooth stone versus the grooved decking created an interesting contrast of surfaces within the area.

Customer Feedback

The client has used the Hyperion White Ash Pioneer decking for a number of their projects, they like that it is low maintenance for their clients and most importantly the high quality finish of the product is what keeps them returning to the Hyperion Pioneer boards.

Project Details

Size: 68 m²
Product: White Ash Hyperion Pioneer Decking.
This product has been superseded by:
Silver Birch Hyperion Explorer Decking.
Substructure: Treated timber
Location: London