Patio Fencing

Our client wanted to build a contemporary and low maintenance outdoor kitchen patio area for those summer barbeques.
They loved to entertain friends and family all year round and required the space look great day and night.

The Solution

The project used 25 linear meters of Walnut coloured fence panels and fence posts installed on top of a raised wall. The posts were securely bolted down to the wall using the fence post stands and hammer anchors that came complete with the fencing panels.
There were varying heights of wall to install on, so the fencing posts were simply cut to the required height and fewer fence panels used. To finish of the space, outdoor downlights were installed so the patio could be used night and day.

Customer Feedback

β€œIt would be great to install them again, as they are of high quality and look amazing."

Project Details

Size: 25 m
Install Time: 1 day
Location: London