Ensign Court High Rise Decking

Being positioned along The Highway, a major east-west route into central London, Ensign Court is a 14-storey high-rise build that symbolises the beginning of London’s heart, welcoming people into its urban core and existing as an important representation of its character.
With this metropolitan embodiment in mind, the development is a statement of modernity and urbanity, requiring contemporary designs and cutting-edge materials to establish a framework of quality and character, to accompany its remarkable location.

Project Breakdown

Having been previously occupied by commercial space, Ensign Court was rebuilt to offer 65 residential units designed to accommodate for affordable rent, shared ownership and private sale, as well as 7 units of new commercial space on the ground floor. To support its modern appeal, the project was intended for Class A use and therefore required an effective non-combustible balcony solution that would enhance its stylish aesthetic and ensure durability for the safety of its residents.

The Solution

Being compliant with the latest fire safety law, Hyperion Aluminium 145 Pro-Grip aluminium decking was used to furnish the 520 m² of balcony and terrace areas on this build, complete with fire-rated edging, joists, pedestals and screws. This beautifully engineered A2 fire-rated aluminium decking board was used in the colour Dusty Grey, perfectly fitting the contemporary aesthetic of the Ensign Court build with elegance, simplicity and style. With market-leading value and Qualicoat certified power coating, this non-combustible decking system was the ideal addition to this exquisite development, offering assured safety, high slip resistance and refined aesthetics.
EnviroBuild will continue to push towards the ever-improving innovation of non-combustible systems, and strive to lead the rise of safer, fire-rated solutions for both commercial and residential construction.

Project Details

Size: 520 m²
Dusty Grey Hyperion 145 Pro-Grip
MESA Non-combustible Pedestals
MESA Aluminium Joists
, Aluminium Edging, MESA Protective Membranes, Screws, Fasteners
Location: London