A success story

A story is what we tell ourselves Interesting! What story do I tell myself now? Changing the way we communicate with ourself is the first step to writing a success story. 💜

What day is it?

a fucking blue day oh oh oh breathe breathe breathe watch your thoughts observe yourself blah blah blah fuck fuck fuck off off off if i could paint blue paint everywhere i would! perhaps i can! ha! in my mind everything is fucking blue how about that? thoughts manifest therefore the entire planet is blue…


Bloody earth Saturated with killings, death, destruction What are we doing to ourselves? Speciesism is the old world We are creating the new world Now At our centre we are a teeming ocean full of life A regenerative forest floor But outside of our golden hearts We are a raging torrent of grief How do…

What do you see ? 🐙

Silver fish little noodles of them dart through the clear sparkling waters. Sunlight dances on the surface and casts ripples of shadow on the sand beneath. It’s fun to watch them in my mind or am I there toes digging into the sand? 💙


Crafty kitten Lifts the veil of lies Uncovering the treasure I am Always was Always will be ||||| The mind needs Silence Stillness I am still here Amidst the noise And careening city I am still Here ||||| A taste of the wild It is me I am wild Where I am  Does not matter…