A success story

A story is what we tell ourselves Interesting! What story do I tell myself now? Changing the way we communicate with ourself is the first step to writing a success story. πŸ’œ

What do you see ? πŸ™

Silver fish little noodles of them dart through the clear sparkling waters. Sunlight dances on the surface and casts ripples of shadow on the sand beneath. It’s fun to watch them in my mind or am I there toes digging into the sand? πŸ’™


Crafty kitten Lifts the veil of lies Uncovering the treasure I am Always was Always will be ||||| The mind needs Silence Stillness I am still here Amidst the noise And careening city I am still Here ||||| A taste of the wild It is me I am wild Where I am  Does not matter…

What’s New 2023?

What’s new? Trying new things! Experiencing Love. The way I see it If I don’t try How will I deepen my self experience? Excavate beneath my conditioned beliefs? It is time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable At first I have to sit with it Chew it : ) Imagine it πŸ™ŒπŸ» Sidle up to…


The desert Vegetation adapted to defend reeking of boundaries and protection Tarantulas Scorpions White egrets and doves Whales breaching The vultures effortless soaring Crescent moon Fiery Mars The desert teaches humility Earth is the medicine we need Now Protect Her 🐳 Love!

Twilight in the frog pond

Mysteries dwell in the pond deep and murky Unknown πŸƒ Sundown paints the scene in lengthening shadows Darkness πŸƒ Seamlessly noise ceases gloom begets the quiet Wonder πŸƒ Trust where the light has gone twilight in the frog pond Surrender. πŸƒ Acrylic creation @mymedicineislove. To gain the higher perspective, we must go deep into the…