How much time do we spend…thoughtless?

In essence, we bribe ourselves and others to make us feel better, all the while the truth is we belittle ourselves and those around us by our behaviour, lowering our own self-esteem and relinquishing our power. We don’t live our truth, we live our guilt and shame historically and repeat and repeat these things over and over again to ourselves and others in lieu of the truth. When we don't show up for ourself, speak our truth even though we know it may disappoint, the truth is, we take on the disappointment. When we begin to see others as ourselves we understand this truth.

Biological space for wellness

Biology by definition means the study of living organisms. I have taken up a study of myself, as I am a living organism, occupying tangible space upon beautiful Earth. I am studying the habits I have developed, the thought patterns, and habitual practices. Please join me in a biological study of self. It is most…

Corpse pose

is solitude. Surrender to the quiet all knowing all seeing One within All. We become alive reborn through surrender. The undoing of all thought is through. No going around. The way is through surrender. 🌹 * Corpse pose is also referred to as shavasana — rest pose.