Burrowing deeper

Today came the contemplation of courtesy and respect. Are they different? Maybe courtesy has to do with expectations and respect doesn’t? Maybe courtesy is a man-made forced construct; a conditioned response, and respect comes naturally? Walking in the foot steps of the ancestors today 🪶 Love 🕷

Sinking in…

Human skin Oh human skin Look at the mess I’m in I’m in my head Oh my head Round and round We go We’ll only stop When we remember to focus on our precious body Let’s try Let’s go slow I feel my toes And bring my breath there I wiggle my toes Here we…

who am i

judgment seems to be all i have to put a label and or name to who i am. who am i without judgement or measurement against others? i am myself who am i? it’s fun to realize things integrating is work. work is fun 😀 🕷🐢🌀 🏄‍♀️ deeper we go Love!

Simply breathe calm into life

Observe With no judgement What is happening inside And outside Of you Turbulence? Be still. Wandering thoughts? Choose not to follow them. Choose peace. Careful planning can lead to dislocation of self. Spontaneity frees the self. Question everything Yet flow Surprise yourself everyday Choose something different to be 🦑 You got this Love! ☘️

The wind in my sails

Takes me higher Lighter in spirit Dark days these Enjoying a bicycle ride down by the lakeshore A treat? A necessity! Exercising both my body and the demons that plague my mind at times like these. Forgiveness is the biggest word in the human language. Becoming undone Forgiveness reeks of self love Seeks like the…

How much time do we spend…thoughtless?

In essence, we bribe ourselves and others to make us feel better, all the while the truth is we belittle ourselves and those around us by our behaviour, lowering our own self-esteem and relinquishing our power. We don’t live our truth, we live our guilt and shame historically and repeat and repeat these things over and over again to ourselves and others in lieu of the truth. When we don't show up for ourself, speak our truth even though we know it may disappoint, the truth is, we take on the disappointment. When we begin to see others as ourselves we understand this truth.

Self Appreciation

✨ “Who are you today?” she asks me. ✨ As I sit, sipping peppermint tea. I ponder Who am I? Why in this moment I am contented happy hinting to blissful even. A smug smile hints at the corners of my mouth. I am a yogi sitting smiling in this moment amid the hustle and…