I am a creatrix, the creator of my own blessed life. I am not what others deem me to be nor how I feel. These are judgements and emotions — both of which are not “real.”

My journey began with a rural upbringing on a farm in Southern Ontario, Canada in the 1960’s. Leaving home for the big city of Toronto following high school graduation, my working life commenced at a downtown financial services firm. Maturing, following my intuition, and holding the divine hand of the universe, I met wonderful people who recognized and encouraged my innate talents and conscientious nature, and my career flourished. In 1995, I left a successful career to become a wife and mother.

Who knew that a few years after becoming a mother I would fall down the neck of a bottle into drug and alcohol abuse? I didn’t see it coming.

After 10 years in a bottle, I drifted to the bottom in a pool of surrender. Surrender is a big, soft, sigh of a word. Surrender is not giving up, surrender is relinquishing control to a power that is greater than you. I could not continue this facade any longer on the spinning wheel of emotional turmoil and self abuse. The final straw came after Christmas of 2015. The swollen face, streaked with tears and grief, staring back at me from the mirror was unrecognizable. I lay in surrender; curled up in the arms of Universal love and forgiveness.

I tried different therapy methods, and therapists, throughout my substance abuse, and not one seemed to work for me. I did not trust humans. As a child humans had failed me. The pillars of my family were sand. How could I put my trust and healing in the hands of other humans who were just that, human; with foibles, fears and insecurities. Who knew what other monsters were lurking under their seemingly innocent skin. This is how deeply pitted my terror was. Terror I never knew existed. Systemic trauma so deep that it only managed to crawl out onto my bedroom floor in 2017. The breakthrough came as a re-enactment of horrific sexual child abuse at the tender age of four — at the hands of my own father.

Shortly before my surrender to love, yoga came seeking me out in the fall of 2014, followed by a vegan lifestyle that sprouted slowly into my life in 2016. I did not try to give up meat and dairy products; I only surrendered to my body’s innate wisdom. Our bodies are so wise when we listen and love them, just the way they are. Perfect in creation.

Gaia, the Great Mother Earth, and all of her magnificent trees, animals, rocks, plants, flowers, birds, waters, and wide open spaces healed and continue to heal me. These beings of the natural world held me, comforted me, and provided a safe haven for healing. No one heals me, I heal me; we are each our own healer, but these spirits of the natural world, provide me with the “medicine” and emotional support and safety I need to heal. Healing is a lifelong journey.

My blog and posts reflect my truth. The world through my eyes. It is not my intention to shame, blame, sway or direct you in any way. It is the world the way I see it, the way I have experienced it, the way I am living it. We are each our own sovereign being. We are each our own God. This blog is to bring CONSCIOUS AWARENESS to you, the reader, of the injustices being done to other animals and creatures on this planet every single day –animals and creatures that have an equal right to life as humans do — humans are animals too! To give voice to those who cannot speak; and to bring justice to Mother Earth, the Mother that was intended to be the nurturer and healer of Mankind, not the victim. The candle of awareness lights the way of truth!

Mankind was created to be the caretaker of Mother, NOW he is the pillager and rapist; destroying most all that his greedy mind sees and touches. All beings on this blessed planet are equal, from the human, to the animals, birds, rocks, plants, waters, and trees! All are sacred and each and every one is an integral piece of the giant web of creation. All are to be respected!

I AM a natural born medicine woman, healing my world. A world that is unique by design, created in LOVE.

So wonderful to see you in LOVE ❤

Thank you.


Email: mymedicineislove@gmail.com

Instagram: thepinkertonpages

Recent Accomplishments:

Author, 2021, to Thirty-One Moons, Poetry from Earth; and children’s book “Kissed by the Moon”. Both books available to purchase and experience via global on-line retail book providers such as Amazon, Ingramspark.

Certified Folk Herbalist, Gaia School of Healing, Malibu, CA 2020

Certified Earth Medicine Practitioner, Levels 1-3, SouLodge Ranch, OR 2019

28-Day Field Survival Course, Boulder Outdoor Survival School, Boulder, UT 2019

Certified Teacher of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Venice, CA 2018

Certified 200-hr Hatha Yoga Practioner, Vaughan, Canada 2017

The Universe moves in mysterious ways 😊👍🏽 Believe in yourself!