Inspiration comes in many forms and it all comes from the well. Our well. The collective well of infinite wisdom.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, rain or shine, I walk. This is my commitment to myself. It is new. I remember every commitment to myself is to Pinkerton. The I am that I am is listening. Always : )

I noticed a wide strip of the street is dug up beside the new sidewalk I am treading. The bare strip of hard-packed gravel enabled me to see the foot thick cement the street was composed of. A man was working. I asked what was happening. He replied that the water main had been replaced and the sidewalk and strip of road had been temporarily bandaged with asphalt. It was now his job, along with the crew, to dig up what the water workers had temporarily put down and prepare and lay a new concrete sidewalk and partial roadway. “How can she breathe with all that concrete?” I wondered aloud. The worker shrugged his shoulders and replied “I wonder too”.

I continued to walk. Workmen were gathered having a snack a little way up the street. My hands held some litter I had gathered from a path of fast food wrappers and containers strewn along the substantial trench. A helpful worker in a very deep voice suggested “put it in the hold, we bury it” pointing to the hard-packed gravel in the ditch where there was an apparent hole stuffed with takeaway containers. While I puzzled this, another man nudged in and said “here, let me take that for you. I will put it in the back of the truck. We have a bag further down the road”. I had my doubts at this point, but surrendered the load of litter I was carrying.

Maybe, this is a long shot, but could fast food be limited to stay in the establishment it is served out of? You must eat in. This way Mother Earth stays clean, fast food and drink is still available and we will reduce our land fill? Nothing is truly compostable I have learned except natural waste like hair, skin, poop, urine. Natural plant, and animal composition.

This is not a rabbit hole I fell into I realized. It is a well. a deep well where at the bottom is you and me. We. I realize that we are responsible for ourselves, of disposing of our waste respectfully, and mindfully. If we do this for ourselves, litter will cease to exist.

While in the well, I also discovered that some grocery stores do not allow hand basket shopping now. Apparently food prices have escalated so much that people are stealing food with the shopping baskets. Only cart shopping is permitted in some stores. Will this make fast food even more appealing with the relative inexpensiveness of it?

The well seems to be bottomless.

I am learning to swim for my life.

Will you join me?

Love ❤

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