Walking. Lots of walking today in downtown Toronto enjoying the warm sunshine. Events unfolded : )

I managed to redirect a person dumping negative energy. Whew! It was a close one. Ever notice when someone is in a negative tirade about an experience it is tough to get a word in to redirect the flow? I remember being like this once upon a time. I remember being on the giving end of a negative flow. I know how it feels now to be the giver and the receiver. Awareness!

Venturing into a shoe store looking for a pair of sandals, an interesting pair caught my eye. They looked like they were crafted out of a type of hair? The sales person came over and confirmed the sandals were made from pony hair. I puzzled and smiled, responding “I used to have a pony”. The sales person shrugged his shoulders and grinned. I continued my puzzling. “Hmmm… pony hair. What is the difference if it is pony or cow hide?” I was genuinely curious and deep in thought considering all of the ways we use creatures. The sales person shrugged again. “What if it was human hide?” I mused in a question. “Is there a difference?” the sales person continued to smile along with me 🎡

Is there a difference?

We are beneath animals now. We have become unnatural. We are destroying our home.

Interesting day in the wilderness of the city.

Enjoy the weekend!


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