Today, I bake my son’s birthday cake, weaving it full of pleasures and love and strength and bravery. What does my son need to brighten his life? Why the sun! To illuminate his deepest, darkest shadows! We shall weave into his cake light, in tiny threads, for strength! Strength! My son needs the strength of his heart! Love! We shall weave into the cake, the strength and the light, with love and affection of ourselves and our respect for him.

Thank you great light of salvation, great light of redemption. I shall find the poem crafted so many years ago and post it here, there and everywhere. The poem was crafted by the light of Christ within me, within you, within we and his sacred partner, Marie Madeleine. I believe we are crafted out of their love for themselves, for each other, and for this big, beautiful world we create with our thoughts, our actions and our own unique reality. If we are one big love, indeed we are Christ Jesus and Marie Madeleine too, we are Eve and Adam, the sacred sun and sacred moon within ourselves!

The Purification

Glorious is the day

of our return to Grace.

Surrendering to the Light

that will reveal our darkest shadows

revealing the succulent nectar within.

Nectar that flows as honey

from our innocent hearts

crystallizing, energizing, purifying

as the glory of the one true creator God

washes us clean.

Believe ❤

We can change our reality with our thoughts. It takes time to change our reality. Don’t rush it. Savour every succulent bite. The space the bite creates, fill it with light! Pray, play, walk, sit, cherish yourself. The light will come. It has to. Baba Yaga told me so ; )

Sat Nam

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