Observing nature right outside the windows of the little cabin, I notice. I notice that children don’t look far and wide. Children wander and wonder at what is close to them, what is right under their feet. Children are satisfied, or seem to be, with being one with what is with them, or albeit, a short distance away, within reach perhaps. They explore what is near and wander and wonder, bending down and examining closely, so closely, a thorny cactus or a fragrant flower or a nut left behind by a hasty squirrel. We teach children expectations. Expectations of Christmas presents, Easter eggs, expectations full of stuff, stuff, stuff! We teach them that stuff will make them happy. We lie. We lie because we haven’t yet found happiness within our self.

I’m wondering at all of the gifts we gave to our son when he was a child. Is not one gift more meaningful and appreciated than a dozen? I didn’t remember how to take time for myself when I became a mom. I guarded my son with my life, I just didn’t realize it at the time, I was broken. My self love mechanism had been destroyed or driven so far underground that it was hiding in fear and abandonment. I abandoned myself, my needs as a woman, as a creator, as an adult, as a partner. Interesting reflections watching nature outside of the window. Nature is revealing herself inside too. My inner child is telling me now the road to true happiness is through play. “Let go of fear Mother, life is a playground of opportunities to explore now. No worries, not a one. Be happy Mama! Be happy! Play with me!”

Mother Nature, may I play now?

Yes daughter, yes you may with ease, be at peace child, be at peace within you. Embody your birthright. Be joyful! 🍃 Create!

Love 💛

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