Charlie Brown is a blue man. Charlie Brown wears his heart on his sleeve, but he drags the past with him wherever he goes. Oh Charlie, come sit! Let’s have a posie or two, or a dozen to hold. Inhale the posie Charlie Brown. Flowers soften us, soften us to allow the past to flow through, to come undone Charlie. That’s it! Flowers help us come undone so we flow like the grace of God we are. No rigor mortis here Charlie Brown; no rigidity, we aren’t dead yet! We gotta loosen up, let the blues flow and face the sun Charlie Brown! Smile a little. Sure some days seem pretty tough. Let’s go outside for a walk Charlie Brown. The birds are singing in the trees and I smell a delicious scent in the air called freedom! Freedom from the chains and voices of the past Charlie Brown! Freedom smells and tastes delicious. Let’s eat it as our main meal! The past is gone Charlie Brown and that part of us has learned valuable lessons. Blessings really. When we learn from our blessings and release them, we move into the now. The now is where the juice is! Resentment can be a habit acquired by a wounded heart, a wounded soul, and a locked-in mindset. We practice softness now Charlie Brown. Softness on us. Self care is paramount right now. Touching our skin, caressing our cheek with the hand of the One True Creator living freely within you, within me, within we, we dine-in on love. Together we soften, Charlie Brown. We are joyful and we believe it!

Thank you Charles M. Schultz for bringing Charlie Brown into the light. Welcome to our circle Charlie Brown.

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