a fucking blue day

oh oh oh

breathe breathe breathe

watch your thoughts

observe yourself

blah blah blah

fuck fuck fuck

off off off

if i could paint blue paint everywhere

i would!

perhaps i can!


in my mind everything is fucking blue

how about that?

thoughts manifest

therefore the entire planet is blue

maybe all of the polar regions have melted and we are


earth is no more

now we are a water planet and we live on a boat

and grow vegetables on the boat?

all of the animals have died due to the human animal’s greed

and dissatisfaction with themselves

the human seems never ever fucking happy


que sera sera

best hope we grow fins and become one celled organisms again

and start over

perhaps the trauma of drowning will be reborn as a knowing to be satisfied with simplicity

to be satsified with the natural adoration of wonder

i wonder?

we are drowning in our own sorrows

the mind has taken over our lives

we are not our mind

we are in lockdown in our bodies

our bodies want to feel the five senses

and to live in the sixth sense

the wonder and knowing of everything!

how have we gotten so far from the truth?

the feminine of the species has been persecuted for the wisdom of the ages

she holds it in her womb

sparks fly from her fingertips!

do you wish to hear more?

put your ear to the ground

like a mole

moles cannot see but they sure get around all right

moles know

boxing gloves on

fight till the death

the death of humanity and all of the beauty of the beast

the beast is our body

our beautiful and holy lowly and lovely body

am i finished yet?

i’ve only just begun to live





Sat Nam


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