There is one known in my life, i am loved and i am Love. I am an embodiment of heaven here upon beautiful earth accepting each and every aspect of myself here now. Glorious!

Some mornings i don’t know what to do first, so i sit. Like now. I am sitting. I marvel at a small wooden bracelet on my right wrist. I found it in my bed overnight. I wonder what power it holds? What tree it originated from! Did the tree have to die to make a bracelet? Or maybe it came from a fallen branch? Did i come from a fallen branch or a falling star? 

This morning, reading and working through a chapter in a gifted book, i am to write about the god i believe in and the god i would like to believe in. Are they different? No. Sometimes i love god and sometimes i want to strangle god. This brings me to a crossroads. I am god. I am my creator. I truly believe i am. I am working through (false) patterning, slowly replacing old, outdated programming with the ageless, timeless programming of truth. I am the grace of god! Describe my god. Well, my god is funny. Is everyone’s god funny? My god loves to play and wander and wonder. Does everyone else’s god like to enjoy these activities? My god loves to sleep! Oh sleep, sleep, sleep lately. My god loves sweets. They have a lot of sweet teeth, not just one tooth. My god cries tear of gratitude all the time and is reduced to a swamp in the presence of a little creature like a sparrow. My god isn’t afraid of spiders anymore. Nope. My god is a very proficient chef and baker in the kitchen too! My god fell asleep with two pillows under her neck reading last night and today wears a sore neck. Ha! My god likes to swear and curse a blue streak now and then! My god enjoys rainy days as much or more than sunny ones My god has many favourite scents — sweetgrass, pine, spruce, cedar. Scent is very important to her. My god enjoys simple beauty, natural fabrics, clean lines and shapes to her clothing. Not many frills here. Deep feels; my god is attracting others that share deep feels. I am moving much deeper into the true essence of a divine being of justice. My god loves bells and chimes and her own elk drum she crafted and named “beautiful”. My god is beautiful beyond compare because she is a one-of-a-kind Love. My god is remembering to flow, to wait for “it” — the little voice that chimes “go!go!go! My god didn’t know/realize she was a god until she was over half a century old in earth years. My god is what Clarissa Pinkola Estes has written called a “late bloomer”. My god loves the trees so much she is going to marry one she says. They make her light up with joy. They bring her to her knees time and time again. Just thinking of the trees she is crying buckets and buckets of joy! My god sometimes finds it challenging to express her feelings they can be so huge! My god has huge feelings that she is learning to manage with ease for the most benevolent outcome for all love. Sat Nam. My god is a supreme gift to this world and she is recognizing others are within herself now. She is well on her way lord Jesus Christ of the light, well on her way to you, lord, god and saviour — the show-er of the way, the truth and the light!

I believe in myself, my god, my creator, because if i don’t who will?



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