I am not alone

The world is encased in white

I wonder where the snow ends and

I begin?



Fir trees, how they hold the white weight on their shaggy boughs

Not a breath of wind this day

The day after the storm

On the straight great and small trunks of the tall, barren trees

you can trace how fierce the storm has been


Nature leaves clues to follow on the winding path to


Nature holds the key to being here


There is no mistake, error, of being here alone


Look at the way the subtle shadows lay in the light

of this new day!

The folds of snow, like skin at the base of their spine

Nature is present

artfully present

fully present



No sign of an animal

three days now

No bird nor squirrel

I am the soul animal present


with a cat

a fish!

Like the cat in the hat

I have come back

to Graceland

Peanut butter jelly time!

I notice one pillow has pomegranites

another lemon trees

Yet another sunflowers,

pink sunflowers!

This poem is for me,

thank you Love ❤


No daily pressures

it’s a day named Christmas

Preparing food

Making space for the new

I ask why do we think we have to do something to fix ourselves?

Perhaps just being still

takes things away — our thoughts —

to be



The drone of the generator

No electric power

the second day of two

Car charging


“I got you covered” Spirit says




Bologna sandwiches

I remember bologna sandwiches

as a child

Velveeta cheese that sliced with a wire

The baker’s truck that came and I could help

choose the goodies for the week

The holstein cow with 49 on a tag in her ear

I don’t recall the colour of the tag

or which ear was pierced

She seemed more graceful than the rest

something she was spoke to me that the rest

could not

I had a rough, plaid, Indian cotton shirt that was

my absolute favourite

I wonder if the shirt went up in flames when the house

was burned down?

It’s snowing again

Tiny white flakes

I couldn’t drive back to the city if I tried


Energetically I can visit anytime I choose

I choose

Today I choose faith

my choice is to hold faith


I settle into the unknown











with the gifts of a day named Christmas

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