This evening I needed motivation for a run, to get some exercise and enjoyment in the crisp wintry air. A run roundabout the neighbourhood with the end result being a bakery with an endless cookie and biscotti selection. Just one or two I thought. Wow! The Christmas lights are amazing!

I dashed in the bakery door, which was closing up, breathless, with a wild grin. “What cookies have jam in them” I inquired of the sales person behind the counter. We went through almost every kind of cookie and I chose one, eyes lingering….

When cashing me out the sales person matched my spirit and asked if I would like a loaf of bread. “Yes!” I replied. “What a kind gesture!“

Home now with cookies “gone” and the gift of a loaf of bread. What a wonderful gift I thought. Once upon a time the gift of a loaf of bread would have been of great value. Today it was too!

Whatever happened to us as a people? The simple gift of food as an offering of kinship and an open heart. Not stores full of useless and unnatural gift ideas that will end up in the landfill but something that warms our hearts and our tummies.

Yumm! A delightful close to a beautiful day!

Thank you to the generosity of the human spirit! Right on!

Love 🎄

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