If you look deeply into the photograph, civilization is within the rock.

We human beings are part of nature, part of rock/stone, contained within it, not separate from it!


Photo taken at Toronto Lakeshore. Look and see the CN Tower within the stone, feel the stone within us, solid and still. Stone is part of us and we are part of stone, of Earth, of Sky, of water. The fire is within us and we keep it kindled with self love, self appreciation, self care.

We naturally balance ourselves with our own love.

Self love, self appreciation of all we have experienced and are!

Life on Earth is an experience of being human.

We are Earth, dark matter on the outside, finite, with an inextinguishable infinite light inside.

We nurture this light and dark with self care.

We quiet the mind chatter with stillness,

and breathe in the light, the love,

of salvation.

What is salvation?

Salvation to me is faith, to believe beyond the shadow of a doubt the illusion fear presents, and believe we are carried by a light within, within all beings, that illuminates the truth of who we inherently are —

the light of Love!

We are to share this light with all life thereby uniting ourselves with all life!

All life on beautiful Earth grows from the darkness, naturally seeking Divine light!

Earth is our human home.

When we appreciate ourselves we appreciate Earth, our feminine self.

She is the wild part of us that seeks the light of salvation to fertilize and grow wildly into all She/we can become.

Become fully human.

Appreciate the depths of the still darkness of stone.

See the light ✨

Believe in our inherent goodness and be ourselves.


Sat Nam

Love ❤️

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