“Who are you today?” she asks me.

As I sit,

sipping peppermint tea.

I ponder

Who am I?

Why in this moment I am



hinting to blissful even.

A smug smile hints at the corners

of my mouth.

I am a yogi


smiling in this moment

amid the hustle and bustle

of city movements and sounds

around me.

I feel my heart

beating inside my jacket.

Another sip of tea

a handful of sunflower seeds

the nutty treat offered in gratitude


to the wild


and outside of me.

Another moment passes

A thought bustles in

I smile

And breathe

No talking allowed

just now

Only feeling into why

Why I am smiling and contented?

“Self-appreciation?” she queries

Yes! I feel appreciated!


I quiet

Well no,

someone messaged

they love my books.


Self appreciation never

goes away or passes.

It is always there dear.

Appreciate yourself

and no outside

accolades are required.”


That takes

strength, and courage

to be me without



Feasting on this tidbit

from the

Mother tree.


Knowing we are enough

without outside accolades…

is powerful medicine.


Reflection: A gentle reminder that feelings are not Who We Are. Our own self approval is all we need. When we feel elation from praise outside of ourselves, is this not a false sense of pride leading to the need for more outside approval?


Sat Nam

Love 🗝

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