Oxford dictionary defines entitlement as: 1. the fact of having a right to something. 2. the amount to which a person has a right. 3. the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

Hmmmm… Is entitlement strictly a human right?

Has our personal ego and our third chakra, our personal power energy centre termed “solar plexus”, become so imbalanced, and our roots so withered and frazzled that we deem ourselves the only species entitled to the fruits of Earth? By fruits I mean land and resources.

With natural resources dwindling due to industrialization we are leaving no room for the other species of beasts and their standard of living.

Who is the real “hog” here?

We have no natural enemy seemingly other than ourselves, except perhaps natural disasters and disease epidemics of which who is responsible for at this stage of the game is debatable.

Mother will balance either with or without our help.

She holds the power. If I were a betting woman I wage my life with Her.

Stay tuned 💖

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