Dining in on artisan sourdough, almond butter and a delicious raspberry jam gifted from a friend, I sat in the sunshine-baked apartment happily munching.

Inspiration touch-down!

It is Father Sky coupling with Mother Earth that brought all of these delicious and nutritious foods to me I thought as I bit into the tasty sustenance. It is His light fertilizing and warming Her moist and dark depths that made all of these foods, and me and you possible. Light is beautiful. Dark is beautiful. We need both in equal balance to be fully and divinely human.

I’ve been resisting loving my mind, believing the dark stories that it has told me, and finding myself upset, angry and depressed. I have been kept an emotional hostage to my mind. At this time, after much suffering, in the dead of winter with the calm, quiet, protective and peaceful season of bear, and the deep and fruitful Earth at rest, I am making peace with my mind. We are becoming friends. I am listening to her with no judgement, simply listening to the stories she is telling me and has told me for decades in an outdated, repetitive pattern of a false reality.

Realization comes on the wings of stillness.

My mind does the best she can with her outdated stories and beliefs. She was so clogged up, bogged down and cluttered with fear that she was frozen in time — just like my heart — enacting the same trauma response over and over again. Now, acting as a conscious observer, I am feeding her curiosity and wonder at why she is sad, afraid and judgemental. She has believed she was protecting us from harm. Now, with kindness, and understanding, she is opening up to a new way, the true way of salvation — joining with my heart. My mind, heart and body are opening and joining forces together bringing light to the darkness.

Let’s see what transpires next, shall we? You never know who we might become when we join hands, hearts and minds together as one with practice, and patience, oh so much patience and tender loving kindness is needed to dive deep into the unknown parts of ourself. “You can’t rush something you want to last forever” is a quote that seems to fit these times.

Today, I am no longer in fear of my darkness. Believing in the light inside, we plunge ever deeper into the dark murky depths of brilliance!

Sat Nam

Love ❤

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