On a trip to the local market this morning, a light drizzle began. With no umbrella in hand, I welcomed the covered entrance where a woman was stopped, looking inside her handbag. The woman explained she was looking for her mask. After saying, “excuse me” I proceeded around her to enter the door to the market. Sanitizing my hands inside, I was hit with the words “rude white privilege.” I wasn’t aware of this woman’s colour until she brought it to my attention. I breathed. I felt my legs, my feet, and a slow deep reply rumbled out of my body through my mouth “I don’t see colour ma’am, I see you” and walked to the cooler to pick up a tetra-pak of water.

I was a little stunned. Paying for the water I stayed with my breath, holding no judgement, but observing my body. This work I have been practicing, staying present, it is working! The slow, sure, spiral practice of living now, over and over and over again is working!

I realized when we act from our wounding, we pass on our wounding. Our human wounding runs deep; wounding of colour, race, creed, sex, religion. I do not know this woman, yet I know her. I am her. To human eyes, I have white skin. Does this woman know me? Does she know I have been persecuting this seeming white skin for decades, learning only now that I am worthy of my very own loving presence, realizing the value of being human is far far beneath the colour of any “skin”?

The value of being human is found in the heart.

We all suffer.

I released the suffering and stayed with my breath.

My breath is all I had in that moment. My breath is all I have in this moment.

We must begin somewhere.

By practicing understanding and compassion of self, over and over again, diving deep beneath our wounding and exposing it to the light, takes its own sweet time.

Practice compassion.

Begin now.

Begin at home.

Begin with You.

Begin practicing compassion and forgiveness of self.

Begin in your body.

The body knows the truth.

The body will speak.

The body is nature.

Let nature speak.

Listen to your breath.

Let go of everything else.

Release the mind.

Trust the body.

The body is home to the vast knowing of truth.

I express my gratitude to this woman today. She helped me realize my deepening sense of self.

Happy Birthday Guru Ram Das! The seeming miracle of being present was experienced today! Thank you kind and compassionate Guru ❤

Sat Nam

Love ❤

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