Sitting beneath a black pine tree this morning upon a city park bench, the crescent moon before me and the mid-morning sun at my back, sparked these sweet words of inspiring revelation. We are beautiful beyond measure. Let us cease our measuring up to be something and someone our mind thinks we should be and simply be, ourselves!

“See the silver goddess sparkle and shine on the morning dew in your beautiful eyes

Reflecting the inward beauty of all creation

Changing space and time

Yes! Yes! Yes!

A transformer of miracles into matter

The magical elixir of acceptance

Deep swallow of air

Breathe in holiness

of the hallowed ball of reflected light within you

Believe you are a transformer

Powerful beyond all human measure

Whispers of kindness move the trees

He shines at your back

This molten core of golden light

It is because of you He shines

Yes! Yes! Yes!

The Sun shines because of You dear heart

All exists because of you

Within you

Nothing is outside of you

Within is the way





The depth and breath and mass of you is

Golden Silver Light


Rose petals

And the tawny golden form of the Lion/ess

Stretch and stir in the cauldron of rebirth

Enjoy every moment



Your pure essence of form

is Love” ☀️🌙🌟

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