I am grateful for joy, for God the Creator, the Good and Fruitful Mother Earth, for art, for transcendent bliss. I am grateful for the sun, the moon, stars and galaxies. For kindness and compassion, grace and fortitude. Lace and velvet, cotton and linen, dresses and feeling pretty. Solitude and peace, dance and faith. Purity and piety. Sadness and melancholy. Quiet times of reflection. Cookies and dates, pears and walnuts. I am grateful for tea and spices, cinnamon and warm cocoa. I am grateful for Jesus Christ of the Light and for all of my many blessings. I am grateful for my lessons, kundalini and yoga poses, postures, ankles and shins, bones and tendons, sinews and organs. Thank you for plants and trees and the birds and the bees. Thank you for family and friends and wide open spaces. Thank you for new adventurous places. Thank you for black and white and grey and all the colours of the rainbow and for colours I haven’t yet seen! Thank you for horses and shoes and dogs and bears. Thank you for water and snow and frost on the window. Thank you for little tiny things like the buttons on my blouse and the space between my thoughts. Thank you for Yogi Bhajan, Guru Gobind Singh and the Golden Chain of teachers and teachings. Learnings and mysteries. Thank you for fields of clover and the scent of pine trees. Thank you for essential oils and my beautiful skin. Thank you for my eyes that see, my nose to smell and lungs to breathe. Thank you for the sky and the rain on my tongue. For waterfalls and rivers, for lakes and streams. Thank you for the mountains and valleys and great plains. Thank you for books and chairs and cozy spaces. Thank you for beads and stones and gems and talent. O God, I am grateful for sweetgrass and sage and berries and cedar. For lions and giraffes and the jungle. Thank you for elephants and Princesses, Princes and magic O wondrous God. Flowers and beauty and the seasons of the wind. Thank you for the the four directions and the breezes. Courage and strength, softness and shadow. Almonds and flaxseed, candles and bathtubs. Thank you for towels and paintbrushes, paper and imagination. For freedom and expression. Thank you for LOVE. Thank you for my feet and toes and places to go. Thank you for massage and bicycles and people that smile. Thank you for truth and justice, salt and coffee. Thank you for chocolate and strawberries, for everything green. Thank you for blood, sweat and tears. For gratitude. Prayer. Vision. Thank you for glasses and eye doctors. For my beautiful healthy body, spirit and mind. Thank you for my invisible friends that love me unconditionally, always and forever. Thank you for hope eternal. Thank you for reverence and miracles. Nurses and doctors. People of faith and open hearts, Thank you for light and dark, life, death and rebirth. Thank you for mantra and voice, blankets and woven woollen rugs and mittens. Thank you for this glorious day O great Creator. Thank you thank you thank you I’m sorry please forgive me I love you. Thank you for everything, for all are teacher. All are gifts and all are You. All is Love ☀️🌛🌟🌍

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