God is my friend.

He holds my hand and waits for me.

God is patient. God is kind.

She is fierce and wild and mysterious.

God is pink satin pillowcases and warm fuzzy blankets.

God is marble staircases and wooden floors.

God is sandy beaches and barren deserts of blowing sand.

God is light and dark and shadowy places.

God is the frothing foam at my horse’s mouth and the raging sea.

God is the whisper of wind in my ear, and my hair fallen coyly across my cheek.

God is saucers of cream laid out for a kitty, and woollen mittens with happy faces.

God is rings on my fingers and bells on a cow.

God is a banana hosting a swarm of ants.

God is me.

God is you.

God is we.

God is the Good Earth and all of Her Natural Goodness.

Sat Nam

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