Digging right in…

Everywhere I go, I am asked to sign in, sanitize, stick a needle in my arm, regardless of knowing if the contents of this said needle may or may not fu k myself up, the human population and the future children of humanity.

Everyone seems to believe in the words from government, you know, surrender without question, follow the rules and regulations, but I post the question; what is the truth here? The government IS people, obviously people that are scared too. To be human is to naturally fear the unknown, but to find the courage to love beyond this fear, to trust the sacredness within us, and do the right thing; not the easy thing, but the right thing, is the challenge. The right thing to do is never often “easy”.

Fear, money, greed and imagined power wreak strange fascinations in the human animals mind.

No where in the words of mainstream broadcasting government officials have I been asked or read or listened to knowledge and wisdom about wholesome nutritious food, herbs and natural medicinal adaptogenic plants that help prevent disease and maintain a ferocious, beautiful and tasty natural defence system against bacteria and viruses. No where have I been provided the germ of awakening to the truth of life upon beautiful Earth. No where have I been guided to living a healthy, natural and holistic lifestyle with what we already have in quickly dwindling supply… natural resources! But then, doesn’t the government regulate pharmaceuticals and big business that reap billions and billions of imagined money from make believe remedies?

I have read how much this praised yet unproven vaccine costs. I have seen the little one of a kind businesses close their unique, holistic doors along the streets due to the broadcasting of a ridiculously fear driven protocol. Prior to the most recent Toronto lock-down, I happened to turn on the radio in my auto, and was barraged by not one, not two, but three government officials, one after the other, like missiles into my brain, harp on about getting “needles in arms” to lessen the pandemic numbers. Numbers I ask from where? Who put the numbers together? Who is predominately affected, the elderly and humans predisposed to immune deficiencies was what I originally understood. Now everyone has to be vaccinated? Whoa whoa woe woe is the human race on the way to destruction of everything they hold sacred because we do not hold ourselves sacred anymore!

Is not the vaccine the imagined quick fix? There is no imagined quick fix to the current plight of the Earth. It is in this rush to an imagined finish line that we lose our way. The way of following The Red Road, the way of loving one with ourselves and Earth that our ancestors lived for centuries before “life in the fast lane” eroded our minds and cemented our hearts.

Can you me we see the light now? I can and I am typing my truth and sending it out there, having faith that these words will pierce the veil of secrecy and lies and bare the truth. Can we connect the dollar signs that spell the d i s f u n c t i o n designed to keep us blind and dumbed down to the truth? The truth is the cure and is right under noses and beneath our blessed feet. This, foreign as it may be to some, is… gasp… Mother Nature herself.

SHE, the ferocious, beautiful, soft, nurturing and wild Mother Earth, is the natural, organic, wholistic farmer, grocer and our own back yard, the wild weeds of parklands and city walks and the natural human being. Mother Earth is YOU is me is we!! Our bodies are made of the Earth! These colours of the rainbow plant spirits are both the healers and the preventative maintenance needed in dire times and for all times, as is a mindful walk within nature, living as one with Earth.

Awareness brings the wisdom. The wisdom buried deep within us, the knowing, that we are a sick people of Earth, overstuffed with fast food, obsessed with the thrill of fast times, laden with things that reek of bling, carting a head full of old stories and a heart laden with sorrow and grief.

We are to befriend ourselves first, hold ourselves sacred first, and heal with the Earth of which we are born. This will aide us in reclaiming our sovereignty, and return to us what is rightfully ours by birthright, our freedom. The freedom to live as nature intended, joyful and sacred with all life.

The time is now for all good friends to come to the aide of the Mothership. Earth.

When we heal ourselves, naturally, we heal the Mothership from climate change and all its many demons such as air pollution, deforestation and overfishing, all demons originating in the human mind.

We heal naturally when we nurture by our very nature, Earth.

You animal you ! ☺️

Love ourself wildly!

This post was inspired by the wild nature within myself and the recent IG post @rhythmhealth. Thank you Brother. The healing of the wild is my greatest wish.

Sat Nam

Love 🐝

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