A morning visit to the Art Gallery of Ontario recently and the powerful beauty of the evening sky invoked something ancient and deep within which I would like to share.

I attended a ceremony honouring the indigenous children who never returned home from the residential school system they attended; the dead, the surviving and the missing children.

It is within my awareness that every living, breathing being upon this planet is worthy of respect — equally. Animal, plant, and mineral. Humans are not different. Humans were created as a part of the kingdom.

These are the dark ages of humanity coming forth to the light, and these crimes against nature are still happening now! This is just one of innumerable atrocities against Mother Earth and the caretakers of her beautiful heavenly body we are blessed to call home. Human nature was not created to be a monster but it has evolved to one now! The human doing has become lodged in their mind and separated from their heart by demons termed thoughts. For the most part, the bulk of humanity does not practice silence and stillness anymore. We have removed ourself from our human nature and our subconscious mind has become the monster of lore, ruling our minds with imagined thoughts and busyness. The human mind has evolved to such an extent that it does its utmost to keep us busy and stuck… in our minds!

Can you now imagine being silenced by the government that is “said” to rule the land you have been born in freedom into? Yes, born into the land. The original people’s of this land were borne into this holy land as caretakers with the intent to keep it holy. Loving, nurturing, honouring, respecting and being one with the holy land, one with themselves one with each other, and not separate from themselves, each other or the good and fruitful Earth Mother.

Can you imagine singing, dancing, drumming, all in celebration and ceremony of being a part of the circle life (and death) on Earth and suddenly have it forbidden to practice as it had been ritualized in prayer, praise, power and gratitude for centuries?

Can you imagine your children being torn away from you as mere toddlers and put on reservation schools and then their mass of graves found years later silenced to the horrendous acts and lifestyle thrust into and upon them all in the name of religion?

Can you imagine what God would perform these unholy acts upon innocent children? What God would perform the unholy act of crucifying wild animals to extinction for their horns, their skin and their fins and toss away the now life less and useless bodies as trash? These animals are not even buried. They are left to rot openly or tossed back into the sea.

Can you imagine being forced from your home on the land you were born into and placed on a designated piece of “reservation” land, all of your freedom taken away your children removed and being fed high calorie, low nutrition, highly processed food and drink that is foreign to your body and being told what you can and cannot do by a set of rules put in place by an invisible “government” that just showed up one day and told you the new “rules”?

Can you imagine the buried rage, sadness AND ancestral resilience here?

This is Canada. This is America. This is global bloodshed and tears! This is the truth of our humanity coming to the light of Christ!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and this woman is Mother Earth. The natural children that fed off of her breast and sang and praised and were grateful for all she offered have been punished by her other unnatural children. For what?

Greed and money. Money and greed and imagined power!

Mother is rising and with her are the dead, the ancestors with their knowledge and sacred sense of oneness is being awakened within us and our armour is The Truth and we are preparing for battle.

What gives anyone the right to take away someone else’s freedom?

Can you imagine?

Love 👣

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