Staying at downtown Toronto hotel due to an environmental issue in my home, I gaze out over beautiful Lake Ontario.

West Lakeshore skyline glowing gold with the dawn of realization. RA, the Sun God fertilizing Earth with seeds of light.

Below me, the occasional car, cyclist or jogger smoothes by. A few seagulls to follow with my eyes and bare grey cement. Acres of it. Acres and acres of cement, a few trees, litters of street lamps, and one lone wind turbine. Two stadiums sit below me, one designed for concerts and the other for sports games. All are empty.

All are empty and haven’t been occupied for over a year. I call covid-19, the current global health crisis, food poisoning because we have been swallowing mainstream bullshit for so long that we don’t recognize it anymore.

Simons says buy a dress. Simon says oh the dress isn’t pretty enough, buy another and another. Oh, your hair isn’t as pretty as hers so colour it and chop it and buy a godzillion hair products at the local drug mart on every corner block in town on Earth. I know deep down that Simon is not me, but I will stuff my home and my face and my entire life with things because it is too difficult to confront Simon. Stuff stuff stuff-i-n-g it down down down to fill up the aching hole in my soul because I think I cannot stop the voice of Simon. Stuffing the earth with things that go bling, does not stop Simon, this is the thing!

Clothes, cars, houses, televisions, cell phones, stereo systems, drugs, alcohol, oh a bigger house now out of the city because our friends bought one. The interest rates are so low let’s buy a new this and a new that.

What do I do with my old such and such. Oh the trash bin will do, or the sidewalk, the parks, the recreational areas where I can toss my used things. I am in such a hurry to show off my new such and such. I can’t wait to go to the game this weekend. The blobs are playing the seekers. Should be a good time. Tickets are a godzillion dollars. Toss a few cold ones back. This is living boys and girls! This is the good life. Nice car. Nice girlfriend, real pretty with perky ones.

Did you notice within the current lock down (in Ontario) that the drug stores, liquor and cannabis stores, big box retail are all still o p e n? It’s the little one of a kind shop has to remain closed because they are considered a risk for the public? Let us broadcast the voice of Simon by announcing the current lockdown not once, not twice, but three times by three different Simon figures. Let us barrage the public with negativity, negativity, negativity so they remain in lock-down, physically, mentally and spiritually. “Keep them numb and keep them dumb” is the political message I am receiving.

What the fuck people of Earth?

The sky is falling and we cannot even see it for the bullshit that we have been swallowing for millennia.

The sky is falling and the Earth is reeling and we can’t see beyond our own suffering.

Have a drink, a toke, a smoke, turn on the television and order some take out and bitch about government and big business and blah blah blah! With the coping mechanisms we have put in place, we pollute our minds and the world with the refuse of our suffering. We do nothing about changing what IS happening NOW! We do nothing about the voice of Simon barraging our senses. We are locked in and locked down into our suffering and can see no way out!

That’s just it. It’s all about us and our suffering. Poor aching me we soothe with mind filler after mind filler while our bodies and our souls ache for fulfillment in the name of love! To love ourselves is to risk it all, to risk being called odd or different or even strange and crazy by others who are too afraid to BE who they are, wild by nature!

To be our self these days, to hear our own voice and negate the voice of Simon, takes time and undoing. Silence and golden moments alone. Despite the negative affects of covid, there are golden rays of light here when we spend time alone. There isn’t anything wrong with us, we just believe there is. Quietly stripping down to our naked skin we may may find a feather or two, a scaly hide or furry ears. We are after all a beast, a creature, with a deliciously creative mind and a hungry soul. Hungry for the fruits of love.

When you sink into the scene provided by the photo, gazing without judgement, what do you feel?

Do you feel rigid, hard structure; cold, grey unyielding cement, organized straight linear lines of emptiness?

Trees planted like soldiers in formation, their trunks encased in a bed of cement. Where in this photo is Earth? The deep loam of the land, of a garden, blessing us with her soft wild earthiness and curves of the incredible woman she is? The Earth has been covered with organization, structure, rigidity, rules, regulations, and the bullshit from our reeling unfulfilled bodies, minds and souls listening to Simon.

It’s not all in our mind. Let us dig into the depths of us. Slow our breathing and feel it all.

The slow dawn begins in the body as the sun. The dawn of truth. Quiet, steady truth begins to clean the stain of food poisoning. Remember when gazing at this visage… we are not Simon.

We are the Earth.

We are natural creatures of light

Let us clean ourselves up… up… up… with Love ❤

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