Today on our morning walk, dog took me through the park.

A certain campsite as been in the city park for several months now, growing in girth. Whilst taking it all in through my visage, I pondered how can I put this chaotic scene into perspective; how can I apply it to myself and my life? How can I soften the judgement I find I am holding on to?

I looked down at my boots and I saw a small shard of mirror, reflecting light back at me.

This person(s) belongings are on display for the public at large, some of them anyway. My belongings are safely tucked away in a cozy home, not for public view.

Perhaps whoever calls this abode home is feeling insulated and safe with all of these possessions. Perhaps they were evicted from their apartment. Perhaps there was not room for them in a shelter. Perhaps they lost their home due to circumstances beyond their “control”. Perhaps they like living in the park. I do not know their circumstances as I am not them. However, I have lived with many possessions before and I have come to the self realization that things, possessions, do not make me happy. Only my own love and acceptance can do that.

This individual, living outside in the park, is another me, living an experience different but not apart from mine. Each and every one of you me we has our own journey, the journey back to our heart(s).

May we love all of it and each other, with no judgement, with ease for the most benevolent outcome for all ❤

Sat Nam


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