Indeed, this little All Nations Series DVD entitled “The Life of Jesus Christ” and “Help from Above” booklet published by World Missionary Press, could only have landed in my hands from “above”. To this film, claiming to be the most widely distributed film in history, translated into over 1400 languages and seen by over 3 billion viewers worldwide, as written on the jacket, I tell my story now…

Walking in the city this afternoon, picking up litter enroute, as is my dedicated ritual, this little gem and booklet appeared in a plastic bag at my feet. Curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought her back I thought to myself as I took the little bag and its contents home, along with an open mind.

If you follow my Instagram posts and blog, you will come to know a large part of my journey as a truth seeker has been healing trauma — uncovering and clearing out great gobs of shame, rage, sadness and pain that I had no idea I carried.

Repeatedly raped by a religious fanatical father, the patriarchal machine, who spat out the words, “women are the spawn of Satan”, while attempting to strangle me when I was a no more than a tiny child. The memories stayed deeply submerged in my subconscious until I made room for the light of Christ to come knocking. My Christ. My inner warrior and saviour guiding me home to myself and giving me the courage to share my story with you. I am not who I thought I was. I am so much bigger, so much brighter and perfect just as I am!

Women, in this movie, The Life of Jesus Christ, are critically obsolete. Mary, Christ Jesus’ mother, the virgin is visible. A harlot is the only other feminine presence portrayed in this sham claimed to be the truth, truth from The Holy Bible, as it is written. Women are either harlots or virgins according to the greater part of the published text — from Eve, painted the original sinner, to Mary Magdalene the proposed whore. All of humanity are cast as sinners, guilty upon arrival!

The Holy Bible is as holy a truth as mine, as yours. Centuries of revisions, hiding the truth of who we really are have been removed from this derelict script. We are here NOW, to share our truth and aide in the revolution against the lies that we have been fed and continue to be fed by sources such as this movie AND have been swallowing for lifetimes! Our very own Christ lives inside us all, ready to save us and our beautiful planet from our perceived guilt and destructive behaviours. That’s just it, behaviours are learned, our addictions are coping mechanisms for trauma — we are not who we think we are! It is our very own Christ we are to believe in and find, to become hungry and thirsty for only the truth! Christ Jesus set the example by loving us all, each and every one. Love is the cure for the poison we have been fed, pure sweet love of ourselves.

Seeking truth has brought me to the gospel of Mary Magdalene and the gospel of Thomas; both of which have been omitted in the very much adulterated The Holy Bible that you see today, in this movie, in churches and published for the past hundreds and perhaps thousands of years. These two books alone stand testament to the Love that Christ Jesus shared with all — women and men. Christ Jesus recognized the feminine within himself, as well as the masculine. He honoured and loved himself so wholly and completely that he became the light and disappeared into it. Christ Jesus was called home because he became pure source light. Indeed he is the way, the truth and the light! He thereby honoured and loved all those around him, men and women, as himself. He could see! The illusion of maya was dissolved in his mind because he sought the truth! He did the work and stood in his truth with no fear and was persecuted and killed for it, as have countless truth seekers, men and women, branded as “witches” and pagans throughout history. There is no difference! We are each and every one Adam AND Eve. Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. Masculine and Feminine. Virgin and whore. Rebel and saint. We are all indigenous to Earth and magical beyond your wildest imagination! We each and every one hold the power to help transform the Earth to the glorious Eden that she is. All of Earth is a garden — hence the name Earth, The Garden Planet!

It is due to the suppression of the feminine within us that Mother Earth has suffered and is suffering the raping and injustices done to her via the over-harvesting of ocean life, the hunting and poaching of wild animals, the mass production, slaying and consumption of flesh animals and creatures, over-harvesting of trees, pollution of water sources — truly over consumption of just about every natural resource that our glorious Earth Mother offers to us, her children. It is due to the suppression of the feminine within us that the climate crisis has reached the level it is now. The blatant disregard and lack of respect shown to the first nation’s peoples sacred sites around the globe, and the horrific genocide of the native inhabitants of Turtle Island (North America) are all due to the suppression of the divine feminine within us. Crisis after crisis is due to the suppression of the divine feminine and glorification of the overblown and toxic masculine patriarchal energies of greed and power. We the peoples of Earth have lost our balance! We have lost our connection with the feminine, Earth, our home.

“Three things can not long be hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth”, writes Buddha. We must break open the door of our hearts to find the truth… and open our delicious minds to the awareness of something much greater than our perceived self lives and breathes right inside us just waiting to be discovered! The truth is our own. Get curious. We are one and all an adventure to be discovered! Let us balance ourselves to wholeness and completeness with the Grace of our Creator.

Thank you Mother, Father, Grace, and the individual who cast aside this little morsel of a meal for me to indulge in.

We the Earth 🌎 are our own temple.

Worship here.


Love ❤

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