brings trembling leaves








to blanket beautiful Earth

in golden brown, russet and faded yellow.

I don’t find Scarlett today.

Scarlett isn’t ready y e t .

October may rain Scarlett letters





in blood red love notes to cover Earth.

The breeze carries a hint of sadness today;

the subtlest scent of melancholy floats amidst the joy of decay.

Earth knows she is readying for the long winter’s nap.

When I sleep with the windows

O P e N

the stillness fills my bed.

I dream of oceans of leaves to swim in,

rolling and bursting to the surface in a crescendo of colour!

Becoming one with the waves, the torrent of leaves,

I fall in surrender to the darkness of this night on Earth.

Unruffled by all that surrounds me

I lay in peace and sleep.

Curled and quiet,

wrapped in the fragrant beauty

of my nest.

Poetry inspired by the beauty and power of the approaching autumn season; the wheel of the year, as it turns to the West.

Aho! ❤ Love

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