RA Power

“Don’t ever assume that the end of the storm won’t reveal the most exquisite sunrise you have ever seen”.

Every day, every damn day I do my best to rise to see God unfurling his golden crown. When was the last time you rose before dawn to witness the splendour of God? Every day is a new beginning, a fresh start. The old adage, if at first you don’t succeed, try try again,” hasn’t stuck around this long to exist as a rumour! Rise to witness the exquisite tendrils of peach, rose, saffron and yellow, gently begin to stain the inky frozen blackness; witness the slow leak of roaring splendour as it bleeds brilliant fiery orange hues across the page of the slowly lightening sky.

Every dawn is different. Like you and me, different and unique, each blazing our own trail through the sky. Some days my trail may be barely visible or not at all, clouds get in my way.

This is what is so breathtakingly glorious about the new dawn. No matter what yesterday’s sunrise was like, today is a fresh new slate, a new sky.  A new day to begin again… and again… and again. I bless the sky. I bless the Sun. I bless myself.

Everyday is a blessing. Challenges and hardships come and they go. I am blessed with a sunny disposition for the most part. It is this sun, this dependable faith that has gotten me through many of life’s hardships. The days when I really questioned why I was alive, why God put me here, I would rise, rise up and look at the Sun breaking the horizon at dawn. I would stare at him straight on and breathe in his raw power.  Breathing in, breathing out, I drew upon his fiery medicine to warm my sodden, beaten human form.  Breathing in molten magic to waxen the courage to face another day of Me.  Me the mouse, me the victim, me the woman, me the Mother, me the supreme Warrior Goddess I really am.

Morn after morn we stared at each other.  Slowly, every so slowly I began to rise stronger, braver, brighter, bolder. Slowly, like the larvae in the cocoon, I began to melt, to soften and transform, transform to rise, glowing and victorious to the most exquisite butterfly.

Raw power. RA! The Sun! The Divine Masculine! Call him in. Allow the sun to shine into your heart space. You got this! Light yourself up! My God is the Sun!

Lunar Magic

“How much the moon sees from her place in the sky.” Blessed Luna. Maiden, Mother, Crone.

Luna is the embodiment of the divine feminine adorned in her silver luminescent gown, always changing in her effervescent milky depths, ebbing and flowing with the cycles of womanhood. Luna helps me appreciate, even when I feel lacking, inept and not enough. The glowing beacon of hope in a every changing sky, an ever changing She, an ever changing world, an ever changing Me. Luna is the constant reminder that change isn’t scary, change is natural.

The bottomless channel of blackness, the New Moon draws creativity from the core of my femininity, manifesting and dreaming my desires to materialize, to fruition. Luna brings magic to my yearnings, she weaves the web for my dreams to take shape.

Growing, glowing, reflecting her divine partner, the Sun, Luna has no light of her own. Luna  reflects the light of those around her.  Woman, bringing out the glow of divine grace; embodying the night and wearing the shimmering reflection of those around her, of her sacred partner, the Divine Masculine, the Sun. As she grows in her burgeoning shape, Luna casts her spell, her charms, sewing seeds for the culmination and reaping of the full moon.

Goddess, Luna brings my dreams to fruition in her voluptuous fullness, discarding all I no longer need or require. Luna, ever changing, lighting my darkest nights and fears with hope; the warm glow that steals into the deepest recesses of my soul. Luna lights my way in the dark.

Divine mistress of the night sky, Luna steals softly into my dreams, weaving the magic only she can bring. Divinity. Woman. Changing. Glowing. Growing. Manifesting. Releasing. Reflecting.  Goddess of the Night Sky. Luna. I feast my eyes upon Her Grace, drawing from her well of wisdom, grace and sovereign light. Woman, She is You ❤

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