Yesterday, while sitting in sanctuary following cross-border travel, I experienced a Netflix documentary.

This morning upon awakening, all I could envision were walruses (I had never before witnessed their tremendous weight and girth), attempting to slide down rocky cliffs into the ocean water haven below.

The walruses are adapting to the changes in their environment wrought by the overconsumption and overpopulation of the human DOING (climate change).

Tears for the walruses, the whales, seals, polar bears, and all the sentient life forms BEING, do not help their cause. Tears do not help the oceans and sentient beings adapting to a world changed by the human DOING.

The sea creatures fundamentally depend upon the algae that grows underneath the ice when spring arrives. Krill feed on the algae, the whales feed on the krill… the web of sea life is dependant upon each and every species, originating with the ice and algae. Humans are dependent and part of the giant web of life on earth. We are not the web. We are part of the web!

The ice creates a white surface upon the face of the earth which reflects the sun’s light and energy and directs it upwards. The dark water surface left by the melting ice draws the sun’s energy and heat into the waters, thus causing a more rapid melting of the ice.

Humanity is destroying the web Mother Nature designed. Her coupling with Father Sky designed all of us. Brought us all into BEING. BEING natural. BEING one with our environment.

This little “thing”, this virus called covid19 is but a drop in the tidal wave of global warming.

Does writing this blog bring awareness to the immensity of the fates of the creatures of Earth? Creatures who have lived naturally for thousands and thousands of years upon THEIR home planet. EARTH IS HOME TO ALL CREATURES!

Humans are not the only species who suffer. However we are the ones that wreak the suffering. We are the cause of our own suffering and all suffering upon this planet.

The polar ice caps have shrunk to half their size since 1980!!

The walruses for centuries have slid down ice capped surfaces to a watery safe haven below.

The ice for the walruses is gone.

They harbour on land, sometimes suffocating each other to rest.

Now the walruses climb 80 foot rocky cliffs to find space to lie in peace. Only to tumble to a horrifying and needless death to return to water.

Covid19 is but a drop in the water.

Rise up.

Clean up.

Wake up.

To the truth!

I/you/me/we are the cause of all suffering.

Sat Nam.

Love ❤

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