Above the clouds

There is no weeping

Azure blue sky

Forever stretches

In all four directions.

The four corners of the Earth

Bow down in reverence

To the One True King and Queen

That reside in each human heart.

The crown of thorns

Become ashes in the flame of love.

Earth, wind, flame and water

Erupt together in sacred harmony

Nourishing, cleansing, living and breathing

L o v e.


Agreeing to disagree.

Each with their own truth

Laid bare on the table of everlasting peace.

Lay yourself down

Upon the altar of your own grief.

Set fire to the blanket of lies that cover your true nature.

Rise from the ashes that are cleansed by your tears

And dine at the table of your King and Queen.

There is plenty for all

At the feast of your own love.

Sat Nam ❤️ LOVE

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