This is a city bus shelter.

Every morning I walk the dog. She usually chooses our route. Last week, at least once a day, she took me past this bus shelter where a man was living.

The man often held a cigarette and could usually be found sitting hunched over on the bench chatting harmlessly to himself or to no one I could see. He had very swollen, bluish feet that rested upon a grass yoga mat. There was not an inch of the bus shelter floor that did not have discarded food, clothes, and litter upon it.

Yesterday, on our walk, i noticed the shelter was empty of the man and his possessions. The temporary housing facility was vacant.

Dog took me on a different route today. We came upon the same man in a different bus shelter. The man was still smoking and talking to no one in particular, hunched over with his bare blue feet on the tattered straw yoga mat with his possessions scattered about him. He looked up at me with recognition. I smiled and said “you moved”!

He replied “yep!” in his gravelly grumbling way. I do believe we shared something called a laugh that day.

HOMELESSNESS IS AN EXPERIENCE. Does it define you/me/we?

How does this story make you sit in your body?

Are you tense?

Can you sense your heart space?

What expression is your face wearing?

Did you notice I didn’t ask how you feel?

Feelings can be a trap. Part of the mind trap. Fortunately, our bodies cannot lie, ever! This is what quieting the mind is all about. MEDITATION BRINGS YOU INTO YOUR BODY WHERE THE TRUTH IS!

Practicing meditation tames the mind where racial and social discrimination are formed.

Explore your beliefs, beginning with your body. Discover who YOU are, never mind who the other person is!

Ask yourself why you feel these things. Do you feel you are any closer to eternal happiness than this stranger?


We are here on this planet, each and every one of us having a human expereince. Why not enjoy it?

Sat Nam

The Truth is Love ❤

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