🌑Morning has broken the veil of the illusion of darkness. Perfection is a trap. 

🌕When will we, as the human race, realize WE ARE NOT BEING PUNISHED FOR ANYTHING! as many of the worlds “religions”, including Christianity would and have made us believe. 

🌖When knocks and bumps come along our journey, as they inevitably will, we are simply being redirected. See them as a gift. 

🌗Maybe it is a lesson we needed to learn, and relearn if we didn’t consciously compute the message/lesson the first time – hence the spiral, the circle, the medicine wheel!

🌘Everything comes full circle again and again until we integrate the lesson. And then there will be another lesson until we are clean of our LEARNED BELIEFS ABOUT OURSELVES. 

🌑The moon, the sun, the stars, Earth, the sky the seasons, the year, the lifetime, birth and death are all circular in design. 

🌒Life is a circle game. When we stop trying to fit a square peg in a round hole we grow. We accept. We love o u r s e l v e s. 

🌗When we stop trying to make everything so perfect, and realize that everything including ourselves is perfect as we are, all suffering ends. 

🌔Truth comes with two faces. Laughing and weeping. When we realize these faces as our emotions, we place the key into the lock of the illusion of separation. We rise through the suffering. Not around it. WE RISE THROUGH IT! It is in the avoidance of pain that we store it and keep reliving the same pain and patterns over and over and over again! 

🌙If we did not experience  sorrows, the waves of grief and loss that come  with life on earth, this path would be too easy at this stage of evolution of our species. 

🌟We/humans need the negative to appreciate the positive… AND THEN WE NEED TO LET IT GO! The key is in the release. Unlock the door! This is a polarity planet. It is our very human nature to be a myriad of opposing forces. Experiencing both maintains balance and harmony of self.

💫The only way to help who we appear to be is to surrender to who we inherently are – the Creator of our own blessed life and to accept ourselves. It is our return to love. 


Why do we make the game of life so complicated?

We are perfectly human after all. 

In Love.


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