“So if you have a bump of any kind, know that you are being regulated, and you’ll come out of it much improved. The person who resists and resents will have to be regulated many times!”  – Florence Scovel Shinn 

Thinking of the current times we are in, the coronavirus “bump” that is affecting humanity, and the devastating effect humanity is having upon our beautiful planet.

️Last evening my son and I watched the documentary “Chasing Coral” on Netflix. The film quickly earned our rapt attention! The immense and beautiful coral reefs are dying because of the effect global warming is having upon the oceans, their home. The ocean waters are becoming too warm in which to continue a healthy, thriving life. These reef cities under the sea provide shelter and sustenance for many species of sea life.

Seventy-one percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about ninety-six percent of all Earth’s water. On average, seventy percent of the human adult body is water.

The vast, beautiful and mysterious coral reefs are bleaching white in trying to cope with the increasing temperatures of the ocean waters. The reefs are killing off their own food producing cells (which are reacting adversely to the increased temperature of the waters). In killing off its own life energy supply the reef is, in essence, committing suicide. The coral is decaying, akin to rotting flesh, and leaving millions of underwater creatures without their natural habitat. Many other species of underwater life are affected by this loss of the coral. Currently, a large portion of humanity is also dependent upon aquatic life for sustenance.

I believe this seeming inconvenient and disturbing virus that is affecting the human population is Mother Nature’s way of demonstrating that we are not the impervious, commanding force on Earth that the majority of humanity seems to believe itself to be. We are in effect committing suicide as a race of people if we continue living as we have been!

Perhaps the corona virus has been sent as a form of blessing to humanity to WAKE-UP to the fact that WE are creating the poisonous environment that is wreaking havoc upon the entire Earth; not just to us with our selfish mindset, but to all creatures that are ethnic to Earth and we have been doing so for many years. Degeneration takes place over time!

Maybe, for a portion of humanity, over-consumption is “normal” practice and has been for their entire lifetime and they know no other way of life. Maybe we as the collective have a hurt somewhere deep inside and we don’t know how to soothe it except to keep consuming? Hurt people hurt others. The world outside of us being the “other”. Listening to the world news, social media, and advertisements surely doesn’t help in our level of contentment and self worth.

We are not alone in our suffering. We are however the cause of our suffering!  WE ARE CREATING OUR OWN POISON AND POISONING THE ENTIRE PLANET ALONG WITH US. We are not separate in creation. We are part of the great web of life on Earth. When one is affected, all are affected. When will we wake up to this? 

Let us wake up in the NOW! Not to what happened yesterday, or what may happen tomorrow, let us live life NOW. Let us respond to the plea and reminder from Earth with our own humanity and wisdom. Let us, as the collective human consciousness of Earth, relearn to live with less, to consume sustainable products, dispose of waste consciously, refill, reuse, rediscover our beautiful home, Earth and her myriad of natural remedies and wealth of knowledge and mystery. Let us listen to the ancestral wisdom which lies deep within each and every one of us, the wisdom that has kept Earth our home healthy and humanity alive for millions of years. Let us take this time to go inward and listen to our Mama Earth. She always knows what is best for her children. 

Perhaps this “bump” we are experiencing is to open us up to the realization that WE are not in control of a single thing except to choose to react or respond. Let us respond with questioning ourselves and what we think we need to survive, and by questioning the government, politicians and policies in place on our home turf. No one can have power over us unless we give it to them! Change takes time and it takes heart!! Let us lead with our hearts to change the direction of where we are ‘headed’ on this beautiful garden planet.

Let us respond with a love for all life and experience peace amongst ourselves and all life forms. Let us appreciate more with less.

Thank you. 


Love ❤

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