Dear Mama,

I’m not sorry.

I’m not sorry that the entire world is affected by a virus that originated with cruelty to animals.

I’m not sorry.

I have compassion and empathy for those who suffer ill health and perhaps death from the virus, and their loved ones,

but I am not sorry.

What about you Mama? Who cares about you amid the devastation and loss happening to them? I care Mama. I care about the creatures, the little flowers and guardianship of the trees, and your flesh itself, Earth! Mama I care!! I care about You!

Filth, trash, litter, overconsumption, death and cruelty to animals, the needless felling of trees, land clearing, unfiltered sewer water, garbage disposal hidden in ravines alongside the road, animal starvation due to neglect, weed killer for dandelions and wild weeds, overharvesting of the oceans, lakes, and streams, and litter everywhere!! —  these are things I care about Mama! All of the creatures and plants and animals, rocks and mountains that are suffering from human greed, are your children too!

You, beautiful Mother Earth are here for all of your precious inhabitants, including the overabundant race of the human nation. ALL INHABITANTS HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS TO LIVE FREELY UPON THE FACE OF OF YOU MAMA, FOUR LEGGED, TWO LEGGED AND NO LEGGED!!

If the human race does not listen to the warnings given by you Mama, what will the next crisis be? Will it be greater and perhaps even worse than this one, the “Corona Virus”? Each time we don’t listen and slide back into our old, selfish, patriarchal ways of thinking, will the punishment to the human race will be greater and greater until we listen Mama?

With each breath I take Mama, I give gratitude for this plenteous beautiful Earth I share with all beings. I have learned from suffering and surrender that instead of being dissatisfied with what life has given me that all are lessons for me to grow! It hurts sometimes, sometimes I have thought it much too much for me to bear, but I did it Mama, and I will continue to do so until I soar with the eagles! My healing occurred with you and the trees and the plants and the bees! I didn’t need people to heal Mama, all I needed was you.

What kind of a race of people have we become Mama, your children? We collect toilet paper like squirrels do nuts for the winter. It is not winter now Mama, upon your beautiful body here in Canada. It is spring! A time for planting and singing and new beginnings!

Mama, I hope this letter finds its way to all the hearts of the peoples of Earth, the ones that look white on the outside, red, yellow, black and blue!! We are all one race of peoples on the inside. Our soul knows no colour, race or creed! Let this message seep into the littlest cracks in the hearts of those who need to hear that change is beautiful Mama. The ones that are really scared and afraid of change. Let them realize Mama, like I did, that there is nothing to fear, because fear isn’t really there at all. We just think it is.

Let my message sing like the sweetest bird and quake like the mightiest wave of the oceans, Mama! “Wake up peoples of the Earth it shall boom! We the peoples of Earth don’t need crutches and things we can’t seem to live without day to day, little addictions and things to insulate ourselves with, to provide comfort to our hurt little self inside. Within just a little time we soften a little more, smile a little wider, weep a little sweeter,  and learn to expel our rage a little safer. We begin to practice the things we really love and that bring joy to our hearts just to create! This, and quiet time, heals our stressed-out nervous systems, bodies and minds and one day not too far away, we will wake up and realize just how big and beautiful and perfect we are and always were.  

When we love ourselves exactly the way we are, and wake up to the fact that we are a beautiful being just exactly the way we were born, we will laugh and smile and giggle at how silly this magnificent wild world all is!”

I love you Mama. I love me, I love we, I love thee.

Thank you Mama. 🌎

Love your child, the child of the Universe, sweet raging Me Mama, Julie E. Melton xx @mymedicineislove

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