Walking through a recently harvested* coniferous woods with my beloved dog, I came upon a very strange and interesting sight. We must have wandered off of the conservation land and onto private property for as we entered a small clearing in the woods, there was a lone tree with two livestock feeder buckets attached to it. The area surrounding the feeding station was well trampled with deer tracks and droppings. There was a metal stake a few feet from the feeder with a remote camera attached to it. I was puzzled? The feeling was eerie. Picking up a single beer can left on the ground, we continued walking across the clearing until I stood face-to-face with a cleverly camouflaged hunters “tent,” complete with a narrow opening for viewing and weaponry. It was well concealed with branches and pine needles, barely visible to the naked eye.

I have always felt safe and comfortable walking along the local woodland trails, and blessed to see deer and coyotes on occasion. The Oak Ridges Moraine runs through the township and it is protected by the local Conservation Authority. Earlier this past winter, steps away from the same clearing, I discovered the remains of a large mammal. The hindquarters were tied to a fencepost with a thick rope, the flesh eaten away, leaving only bones and a few threads of sinew.

The puzzle pieces came together in my curious mind. Was this a set-up for premeditated murderon two or more counts; the deer and coyote? Who did this? What kind of a creature baits another creature with the intention of killing them in close range with no challenge involved? Without giving the targeted victim a chance to escape; a sniper if you will. This premeditated crime is punishable in some countries by life imprisonment and/or death if a human being is the target.

I mentioned what I had encountered to a friend, and asked how she would have interpreted the scene. Her reply was that perhaps the landowner fed the deer throughout the year, making it a regular habit/habitat for them and when hunting season came, the deer would be an easy target to kill. Perhaps the deer were flesh for human consumption as well as bait to hunt/trap the coyotes. She went on to say that coyotes were a real problem in the area, killing dogs, cats and chickens. She didn’t mention the deer.

Is this hunting, pillaging or murder? To me they are one and the same. Animals have as much right to live a safe and natural life here on Earth as does the human being. Open your mind to the idea that the human being is not a natural carnivore. Open your mind to the Earth being a home and haven for all creatures, not just the human.

While the majority of humans are busy collecting more things to make them feel important, inflating their already bulbous egos; building their ever expanding towns and cities, cutting down and harvesting woods that are natural homes for the creatures of Earth, where do you think these creatures of Earth can and will go? Humans have consumed their natural habitat/home and made it theirs, staking claim to an ever-dwindling natural space to make room for the ever-expanding force of the human race and the increasingly diseased human mind/ego.

The current victimization of the natural world rings a bell similar to the plight of the Indigenous peoples of North America who had their natural home pillaged, their people raped, imprisoned, murdered and victimized through the greed of “civilized man”. These peoples of the Earth were branded as savages, having no “religion”, and in need of being “tamed”. Tamed indeed! Peaceful inhabitants of Gaia, living as one with the land, taking only what they needed to survive on a wild and wonderful planet; demonstrating respect, honour and integrity within every aspect of their lives and home, the Earth. Perhaps “warring” occasionally with other local tribes, more a feat of bravery than the intention to pillage, plunder and rape. A race of people that within each tribe, every man or woman was treated as an equal, felt valued, and fulfilled a role in the survival of the tribe. A race of people who lived by natural law!

When a wild animal is driven out of its natural habitat, their home “reclaimed”, what do you think this animal will be FORCED to do? Animals are survivors. They don’t have rationale like human animals do. They don’t target your pet on purpose! You have consumed their natural home and their food source. Coyotes don’t know the difference between a dog and and a wild rabbit; between your cat or chicken and a squirrel. To them, your “pet” is fair game. These animals are natural beings, following natural law and the carnivore harvests his sustenance in an available food source. Nature keeps all life in balance. She has done so for thousands and thousands of years, long before the human animal, with his overthinking mind, came to hold greed and power ahead of love and harmony. When the coyote population propagates to excess and their food source becomes scarce from overhunting, their population dwindles from lack of sustenance, thus giving their prey a chance to replenish. Mother Nature swings the scales of justice, restoring balance and harmony among her children naturally when left to do so! This is natural law.

The human being is essentially a species of animal, prolifically expanding his race by creating vaccines and strong sanitary means of keeping his species alive, ignoring the natural law of survival of the fittest. He overpopulates, pillages and over-harvests the Earth, and creates new, unnatural species of plant life, new diseases and weed killing poisons to eradicate the life he doesn’t deem worthy or useful. While he is poisoning the plants and insects, he is poisoning the Earth, all of her inhabitants, including himself. He hunts animals to extinction for “trophies” to boost his glorified self. The civilized human creates his own laws as he goes along, manipulating and changing them to whatever satisfies his need for more, more, more! Greed, greed, greed! The human being creates his own suffering through greed and a need for power, living in his head rather than through his heart.

Albert Einstein defines Natural law as this: “The harmony of natural law reveals an Intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection.”

Fear is the driver of this animal called a human being. Humans, for the most part, are terrified of anything they cannot control and do not understand. They fear death, therefore they are afraid to live life. They cannot control Mother Nature, the most powerful woman in their realm of awareness, so the human race in general seeks to destroy and persecute Her, akin to the women of the Earth being depredated, raped and shamed throughout history. What they fail to recognize is Mother Earth, woman, is the divine nurturer, the sustainer of life on Earth. Every single offering to the human being is originally provided by Mother Earth in its raw, holistic form. Without woman, life on Earth would cease to exist.

Now is the time, all good men and women, to restore balance and harmony to our lives, to our home, the Earth. To simplify our lives and return to the laws and ways of nature. To be free from the shackles of the illusion of fear and live in harmony with all creatures. To be free from driving to a job we resent, paying for a home that we are scarcely there to enjoy, birthing precious children that we are leaving at the daycare or school for someone else to “teach” because we do not have the time to nurture them ourselves. All due to the fact that we are working to sustain a house and standard of living that we “think” we desire. Why? To compete with others? Because this is what everyone else is doing? Because of greed? Because this is the way the successful human should conduct their life? Because you don’t know? The omnipresent ego rears its ugly face! Take off the mask!

NOW is the time to put down the cell phone when we are with our children and to lose ourselves in the moment of being a parent. To wonder at the miracle of life and revel in the little things, the true treasures of life that surround us right NOW! The simple pleasures that seem to have been forgotten in the race to where? Where are we going so fast? When we speed through life we are losing the experience of enjoying living. Life is not a competition. First and foremost life is meant to be enjoyed!

When was the last time you laid on the grass underneath a massive tree and looked at the sky instead of your phone? When was the last time you stopped thinking about something to do, someone to call and just sat there, thinking about nothing and just sat there feeling the breeze, the floor, the earth, the sky, the water; all of the earth elements surrounding you? When was the last time you shut off everything and everyone that you are not with at this very moment and took the time to locate yourself, breath consciously, and rediscover the peace and tranquility that is found deep within your very own being? To let life BE natural and unfold organically without the need for a strategy or plan?

This BEING rather than DOING, is not laziness, this is how we find our heart! Slowly, ever so slowly we relax into who we really are, into who we were meant to be, in order to rediscover our natural, innate gifts. This is exciting, returning to the state of innocent wonder that we were as children before life dictated who we should be and how we should act and behave!

NOW, beautiful people, is the time to slow down enough to discover the joy life provides when we are not always seeking; when we pause to take the time to find our heart and lose our mind. Life can be wondrously simple if we let it. Once we grasp the concept that the only moment is NOW, we are well on our way to freedom!

Let the natural laws of Earth flow peace into your beautiful self. We are in essence Love ❤

*Harvested meaning the culling of a forest.

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