Repost of my first post from 2019…. full circle back to the beginning. Our nature is nature.

There are so many things I must tell God! God God God! is everywhere.

It seems I am always talking with God. You see, God is in everything, absolutely everything. I am one of his creations, as is the earth and all of her inhabitants!

God is in the flowers, blossoms of tenderness in so many colours and hues; auras of splendour! The tendrils of longing, laughing in the sunshine, whispering gently in the breeze and giggling like little girls in the rain. When I stop to listen, I can hear them. No matter where they are blooming; by the roadside or a sooty city pot, they clamor their tidings with great joy!

God is in the rain. The sweet scent of the soft summer rain in the country garden. When I slow to notice the rain pummelling the hot, hard grey cement of the churning metro sidewalk, the steaming rain has a voice all it’s own.

God, God, God! is in the ocean, teaming with life. A roaring, foaming God can turn into a lap dog when the lily pads of the pond caress his soft wet cheek.

Crimson God in the splendour of autumn’s rusty glow. The tree Gods grace us all with their coats of many colours; burnt sienna, tawny yellow to aged bronze. God always has a scent when you inhale His grace. Sweet succulent fruit Gods, nourishing us, teasing us with their juicy goodness. Yielding pear to tangy, tart plump grapefruit. A bowl of God! Yummy!

Gods fly over our heads everyday, soaring, diving, nesting and singing.  Winged Gods dressed in trappings that only Heaven could bestow. The silken wing of a raven, black as coal with the shiny eye of deep knowing. The steady pluck of the bantam hen, iridescent feathers cladding her demure form as she struts her goods in the farmyard.

God God God! So many Gods to tell my secrets to. Listening to their sage advice.  Watching  their innate wisdom. Gods are wise. 

Fourlegged Gods run wild upon the earth. The tawny lioness Goddess and her pride of family, her mate, perhaps the mightiest voice of all the Gods, roaring his truth as King of the Beasts! Timid deer, with eyes of fathomless understanding, stares demurely at me as I gaze out the frosted January window; her cloven feet and slender legs making little holes in the knee deep snow. These God’s listen so well.

Why, I ask myself, is it the two-legged Gods that puzzle me so? The answer comes as a flood of awareness — alas! Most of the two legged creatures of earth aren’t aware that they are Gods! They aren’t aware that they create their own reality, their suffering and their joy!! Wake up human Gods!  Happiness is a choice Gods make. Realize your potential O man of war and rage. Uncover your heart that is hidden inside layers upon layers of shame and blame. Cease the incessant thinking in your cluttered, tired mind.  Let silence join the love in your heart to the knowledge of your mind. Unite yourself in Love. Uncover, discover the God inside of YOU. ALL THE CREATURES OF THIS BLESSED EARTH ARE ONE FAMILY. ONE GOD. UNITED IN LOVE ❤

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